Willow's Intresting Minecraft Website

Hello and welcome to my minecraft website. This website will teach you how to get started on making your house and surviving monsters. I will also give you some extra facts so you can know what to do. In minecraft there are monsters, you can either fight them or stay in your house . Which will you choose?

My favourite mobs

  • cave spider



    spider jokey


  • How to build a house

    You will need:

    64 wood

    32 cobblestone

    10 stone slabs

    8 peices of glass

    a crafting table

    wooden stairs

    Minecraft Daytime Exploration Adventure from Josh Darrell on Vimeo.

    1. Place down 6 block's on each side of a square

    2. Do two layers of cobblestone then go onto wood

    3. Make your roof out of stairs

    4. Put holes in the wood then put glass in there

    Then you need to decorate and then you have your very own house.

    Intresting minecraft facts

    When lightning hits pigs they turn into zombie pig men.

    Dogs can't kill creepers.

    Cats can scare creepers.

    Dogs can't enter the nether.

    You need soul sand and wither sculls to make a wither they are like ender dragons.

    Blazes set you on fire.

    Spider jokeys are skeletons on spiders.

    Minecraft was called cave game but they changed it.

    ores mining